Weeeeeee’re back!

NipStrips Returns October 2016

We'd like to start by apologizing to everyone for our absence. It was not an easy decision to pull our product from the shelves, but we knew we couldn’t offer you an inferior product. Ultimately our hiatus has given us the opportunity to assure that we deliver the dependability that you’ve come to expect from NipStrips.

We’ll skip straight to the point: we’re back and we’re super excited!

Around May of 2015, we began receiving feedback that our adhesive wasn’t holding up when exposed to the extreme heat and moisture of long runs. Through some various product tests with our adhesive provider, we learned that there were issues maintaining the stickiness of our original adhesive that so many people had come to love and count on.

We ramped up our R&D efforts to source an entirely new adhesive but were consistently unimpressed by the feedback received from our test runners. Meanwhile, our original manufacturer was working to find out why they were not able to replicate the adhesive properties of our original batch of NipStrips.

After about 12 months of product testing, we received a call from our manufacturer that our original adhesive was successfully replicated and passing all tests. We were back in business!

We’ve finished our internal product testing and you can once again purchase NipStrips today!

We’re so grateful for the calls, emails and overall encouragement received from many of our customers throughout this process. We appreciate your patience and for not giving up on us all together.

Here’s to a new season of chafe-free running,

James, Travis and Stuart